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February 08 2018


revenge of the sith is a romance novel. about obi-wan and grievous


dropping out of school to become one of those medieval priests who live in caves and whip themselves and never eat

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The marine eels and other members of the superorder  Elopomorpha have a leptocephalus larval stage, which are flat and transparent. This group is quite diverse, containing 801 species in 24 orders, 24 families and 156 genera (super diverse). 

Leptocephali have compressed bodies that contain jelly-like substances on the inside, with a thin layer of muscle with visible myomeres on the outside, a simple tube as a gut, dorsal and anal fins, but they lack pelvic fins. They also don’t have any red blood cells (most likely is respiration by passive diffusion), which they only begin produce when the change into the juvenile glass eel stage. Appears to feed on marine snow, tiny free-floating particles in the ocean.

This large size leptocephalus must be a species of Muraenidae (moray eels), and probably the larva of a long thin ribbon eel, which is metamorphosing, and is entering shallow water to finish metamorphosis into a young eel, in Bali, Indonesia.

Oh yeah it bears mentioning that one of these moray larvae are just about a foot long, growing many times that as adults.

But in the deep sea abyss,

There are some eel larvae six feet in length

…….And we don’t know what kind of eels they turn into

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February 07 2018

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Inspired by this post.

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Holdo’s lightspeed kamikaze







why do so many trans people REALLY like old ppl names…. or amish names… stuff like that

im sorry but u cannot say anything when ur name gives the vibe of a russian grandmother.

rich coming from the person with the name of the most stereotypical white suburban mother ever

fuck ur baba yaga ass outta here





me, staring down ao3: ok i’m desperate for fic about this pairing but like… how desperate

You’re not desperate until you’re staring at fanfiction.net

Fools. you’re not desperate until you’re staring down an empty word document.

And there it is.

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“So I assume the plan is to crawl through the sewer, work our way to the shield generator, fight our way through the defenses, blow up the generator, knocking out the shield and all our troops swarm in and overwhelm the enemy.”

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Hey Coven, I’m back with a little something new. this was a fun winter fashion photo shoot that i did with my friend Micheal (@michealfaucett)  just a little while ago. here in Cali it doesn’t get that cold so its fun to play around with winter looks, while still being able to show a little skin. All in all i hope you guys like the looks.

p.s. don’t forget to show my me some love on instagram, i usually post pics there more often, and also comment what you think, i love to see what you all think; thanks Coven.

instagram: @beingadp

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ULTIMATE STAR WARS:  Jedi characters + Fun Facts:

  • Adi Gallia was a source of intelligence to the Senate, likely the liaison between the Jedi and their overseers, the Senate
  • Adi was also born into a high-ranking diplomatic family on Coruscant
  • Stass Allie is a healer who teaches many others in the Jedi Order, including Barriss Offee
  • Shaak Ti is one of the best group fighters, her sense of spatial awareness helps her move more quickly in larger numbers
  • Mace Windu is one of the greatest living lightsaber fighters
  • Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin are both an expert pilots
  • Plo also wears a mask to protect his sensitive eyes and nostrils from oxygen-rich environments
  • Saesee is telepathic in addition to his Force abilities, which is most focused when he’s piloting a ship, as he’s an excellent pilot
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is a great pilot, he just really doesn’t like it, in addition to having truly formidable lightsaber skills
  • Barriss Offee uses the lightsaber form of Soresu
  • Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee specialized in tandem fighting, together they were more powerful than the sum of their parts
  • Mace Windu rescued Depa Billaba from space pirates who killed her parents, eventually taking her as his Padawan, where they developed a close bond
  • Yarael Poof has a mischievous side and enjoys playing mind tricks (of which he specializes in) on colleagues
  • Master Yaddle devotes a lot of time to scholarly interests and spends a lot of time in the Jedi archives
  • Kit’s head tentacles detect chemical signatures as well as being highly sensitive enough to detect others’ emotions
  • Kit is an amphibian who can live underwater or in the air
  • Qui-Gon’s homeworld was Coruscant, which means he was likely born there

Note: While this book was put out after Disney bought Star Wars, I would be careful of taking these as Hard Fact until they’ve appeared in an actual story somewhere.  But they are SUPER FUN details to help expand the world in the meantime!

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Bertel Thorvaldsen- Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle, 1817.

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